Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

  • Tips For Encouraging Your Child To Consider Trade School

    Early and late fall are a time of extreme panic for many seniors in the United States. This is the time when these students need to submit their applications to get into an institution of higher learning. These kids are writing essays, getting recommendations, and desperately trying to get their SAT and ACT scores up. Your child might be swept up in this mania. However, your child is trying to get into an institution that possibly could get him or her into a lot of debt and might not leave him or her with any skills that will help with finding a job.

  • 3 Ways Summer Camp Experience Can Help You Get A Job As A School Psychologist

    Whether you are on your way to certification or already certified and looking for your first job as a school psychologist, you may want to look into taking a summer off to work at a summer camp. While your education program likely afforded you an internship in a professional or school setting, there are several reasons why working at a summer camp can bolster your resume. Even taking a job as a counselor or as administrative staff as opposed to a camp psychologist can help improve your chances of landing a job as a school psychologist.

  • Child Care And The Montessori Classroom Setting

    You're looking for a child care center. But, you want more than just someone to supervise your little one while you're away. You want daycare that also helps to educate your child. That's where the Montessori Method may come in. Montessori schools are founded on the educational philosophy of Dr. Mara Montessori and view children as naturally curious and eager to learn. Schools use a prepared environment (which greatly differs from traditional early-education settings) to help children grow and develop.

  • Things To Consider Before Signing Up For Scuba Lessons

    Scuba diving can be a lot of fun and have a number of health benefits, including burning up to 500 calories per hour, improving cardiovascular fitness, strengthening muscles, and providing relaxation and stress relief. However, it's not a sport that you can just jump right into on a whim. People need to become certified before they can go on any open water scuba dives. There are a few things you should take into consideration before signing up for scuba lessons.

  • Looking For A New Career? An IT Education Can Help

    The world of Information Technology may be stabilizing in growth, but there's still a wealth of jobs out there that need to be filled. This won't be a lecture that talks up the wonders of high-dollar IT industries; there's a lot more to talk about in the more down-to-earth, realistic escapes from other industries that can help people without an education get a leg up. If you don't have a high school diploma and don't know what you'd do once you get it, here's what the IT industry has for people looking for a better life.

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    Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

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