Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

3 Ways To Make Sure Your Unschooled Child Gets A Great Education

by Herminia Washington

Unschooling is becoming a popular method of homeschooling in which a child is encouraged to set their own non-traditional, educational path through a reflection on their own interests and experiences. Unlike traditional homeschooling, unschooling usually follows a less-rigid schedule and may not have a set curriculum or progression. If you are considering unschooling for your child, you may be concerned about them getting a quality education that will help them be successful as an adult in the real world. This can be especially true if you are not a teacher or have a low-level of expertise in several core areas. However, there are several ways to make sure your unschooled child has access to educational opportunities. 

Join an Unschooling Co-op 

Homeschooling and unschooling co-ops consist of several families who adhere to a similar educational philosophy. Often, all parents in the co-op will be available to all children to help them with their studies and exploration. For example, one parent may be an expert in finances while another may be a writer. Having access to both of these adults will help your child develop a passion for these subjects while learning critical real-world skills. In a homeschooling co-op, combined lessons may be arranged, whereas in an unschooling co-op, the lessons are more likely to take on a one-on-one informal style. 

Find Mentors for Your Child 

An experienced mentor is one of the best ways that a person can learn. You may find a mentor for your child from a young age. In some cases, the mentor will simply encourage your child and give advice about resources. In other cases, your child may work as an apprentice to their mentor to thoroughly learn a set of skills necessary for success in the real world. 

Hire Private Tutors for Certain Subjects

Just because your child is unschooled does not mean that you should reject all forms of formal education. Once your child has developed a certain skill level or a large interest in a certain subject, you should consider hiring a professional tutor for your child to engage in private lessons. One-on-one lessons will still allow your child to learn at their own pace and ask several questions. However, a formal tutor may be able to help your child with more technical skills that you or your community are unable to adequately teach your child. 

If you are considering unschooling, it is important to consider how you will make sure that your child has access to educational opportunities. 


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Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

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