Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

Making The Grade: Increasing SAT Scores And Rounding Out Activities To Get Into College

by Herminia Washington

When you want to go to college, there's more to getting in than perfect grades. While your grades should be adequate to show that you are ready for higher learning, you can boost your college admissions application a number of ways. If your SAT scores are below average, SAT tutoring can help raise your scores in Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. Even if one area is weak, performing well in areas where you excel will help your overall score. In addition to SAT preparation, you can also round out your application with a variety of activities that show your commitment to the field you want to study or your various interests that you will help you succeed in college.

The Perfect SAT Score

In 2016, to score perfectly on your SATs, you will have to obtain a score of 1600. While a score of 2400 was perfect in 2015, new SAT scores provide you with 800 total points for Critical Reading and Writing combined, and 800 points for math. The old score of 2400 included 800 points for each of the three categories, and weighed too heavily on English. In 2005, the SAT went from a total possible test score of 1600 to the 2400, but these changes only lasted for 11 years.

Get the Help You Need

While you may be getting excellent grades in school, an SAT tutor can help you prepare for the specifics of the test. While a tutor isn't going to have any test answers for you, they will be able to teach you test taking techniques to make the most out of what you know. SAT preparation takes time, and your score can improve when you work with a tutor. Your writing should be excellent, and your math skills sharp. Your tutor will work with you on answering the questions you know without wasting time, leaving time at the end for the questions that stump you. Most people aren't bad test takers, they just haven't learned the skills to succeed yet.

Show Your Diversity

A college admissions office will look at your grades and your SAT scores, but they will also look to the activities you participate in while not in school. Community volunteering, sports, and music will all show a potential college what skills you will bring with you if you are admitted. Schools are looking for well-rounded students, and you will want to show your diversity.


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Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

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