Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

Times That You Should Hire A Math Tutor For Your Child

by Herminia Washington

Hiring a math tutor for your school-aged child can be the helping hand that the child needs to boost his or her grades in math. You might have a child who is concerned about his or her academic performance and suggests partnering with a tutor, or you might simply be concerned about the child's grades and make the decision to involve a tutor on your own. Many people think of hiring a tutor when their child's grades are poor, but the reality is that there are a variety of times at which it's smart to think about hiring this educational assistant. Here are some examples.

Your Child Intends To Pursue A Certain Post-Secondary Degree

When your child decides his or her likely program of study at the post-secondary level, you'll be able to evaluate whether math is an integral part of the application process. For example, a course in which math is important might require applicants to have a certain grade point average, but also a specific grade in their senior-level math classes. Even if your child is faring acceptably in math right now, it can be worth thinking about hiring a tutor to help the child boost his or her grades for the post-secondary application.

Your Child's Study Time Is Limited

Students who work at a part-time job or are active in high school sports can often have a limited amount of time each day to devote to their homework and their studying. In this scenario, it's critical to maximize this available time each day, and this can be possible through the help of a tutor. For example, if a student is confused about some math concepts, he or she might spend an hour just trying to get comfortable with the work; a tutor, meanwhile, might have the student up to speed in just a third of that time.

Math Was Never Your Strong Suit

Students of all ages will often rely on their parents for help with homework and studying, but you might be of limited value if you struggled in math when you were in school. The last thing you want to do is further confuse your child by getting involved, so it's good to think about hiring a tutor if you know that you won't be able to provide the assistance your child needs. Although you might be able to help when your child is in the younger grades, the need for a tutor will increase throughout high school.  


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Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

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