Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

3 Keys to Hosting a Successful ACT-Prep Study-Group Session

by Herminia Washington

In order to best prepare to take the ACT, it's a great idea to take a course that can help you navigate the complex subjects that will be covered on the test. How you perform on the ACT can ultimately have an impact on your future. After all, colleges take the scores into consideration when making admissions decisions. When you're taking a course to prepare for the ACT, hosting a study session can help complement what you learn in class and can inspire your peers to stay on track with their preparation too. Here are the keys to hosting a successful study night that can be both focused and fun.

Key #1: Form a Small Group

It's important to invite a fairly small number of people to your study group. If you have too many people in the study group, it can feel more like a class than a study group. Having no more than eight people in a study group is a good idea, but a handful of students is even better. Think small for the most effective study group. The ACT tests skills in five core areas, and you need to be focused with a small group to be able to go over any aspect of the material.

Key #2: Choose a Quiet Study Space

As long as you live alone or will have a quiet space in your own home, hosting the study session in your house is a great idea. If you don't have a private space in your own house where the group can study uninterrupted, consider hosting your study session in a park or even a small room of a local country club that may be available. The important part is making sure you have a quiet space where you won't be interrupted throughout the study session.

Key #3: Plan What You Will Study Carefully

There are multiple sections of the ACT examination, so you need to decide whether you are going to try to cover a bit of each of the five sections or hone in on one of them. The five sections are English, math, reading, science, and writing. Those are vast subjects, but you can use the study guide in your course to guide you on what you want to focus on in the group. Before planning your ACT prep, let all the participants know what to expect. If you are going to host multiple sessions, you may opt to divide each section to have a focus on a different subject.

Finally, keep in mind that carefully preparing for your study session can make all the difference. Working as a group can help ensure that everyone in the group is better prepared to take this important college-admissions examination.


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Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

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