Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

5 Tips For Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten

by Herminia Washington

In this day and age kindergarteners are learning more than ever, and as a parent, it is important for you to do what you can to prepare your child for school. There are many things that you can do in the months leading up to kindergarten to help your child get ready for a new classroom experience. Use the following tips if your child will be entering kindergarten next school year:

Following Directions

In a kindergarten classroom, there can be many kids and just one teacher (and possibly an aide), so it is very important for students to understand how to listen and follow directions. During the school day, kindergartners will be asked to do many things independently in a timely manner, so practice asking your child to complete tasks around the house quickly. 

Basic Personal Skills

A teacher only has two hands, so your child will need to do many things for him or herself. You can help your child by ensuring that he or she can use the restroom alone and properly use zippers and buttons or snaps on their clothes. If you choose to purchase shoes with laces, make sure that your child knows how to tie them. It is also a good idea to work with your child to make sure he or she can zip and unzip his or her backpack.

Number Skills

You child will be at an advantage if he or she enters kindergarten with basic number skills. Recognizing numbers and knowing how to count are the foundation of kindergarten math, so work with your child to improve counting skills. Try to make it fun for your child by incorporating games or fun counting activities so he or she will be eager to learn.

Fine Motor Skills

One of the best things you can do before your child starts kindergarten is work on fine motor skills and ensure that he or she can properly grip a pencil, crayon, or colored pencil. While there are a number of great apps that can help teach kids entering kindergarten, make it a point to take out paper and crayons or pencils on a regular basis. The more your child practices with paper and a writing device, the more comfortable he or she will be when school begins.

Relating to Others

Kindergarten is a time of important social development, and for many children, it is the first time they have had to make friends on their own. Talk to your child about feelings and how not to hurt the feelings of others. Sharing is also a very important concept that should be fully understood before school starts. If your child is understanding and empathetic, he or she may have an easier time making friends with peers. 

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Using Educational Software To Teach Tough Subjects

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